Easter 2020 Art Show

Easter 2020 Art Show

every story tells a picture...

Mixed media: Oil, vinyl and goldleaf on canvas 

Quenten Forth has a big secret.

He’s been carrying it for over 30 years.

It is burning a hole in his heart, sapping his strength, making him drag his feet when he walks.

So today, just before sundown, 

he wrote it down in a letter

and mailed it off to only he knows who.

Just before sundown 

46x55 cm

7 500 kr

The wind was high the day

that Violetta, after plenty of

nervous thought and indecision,

finally made her maiden flight 

out into a realm

of endless possibilities

Maiden flight 

80x100 cm

18 000 kr 

It was time.

Couldn’t delay any longer.

We gathered together

to watch and wave and hope

that someday we too

would follow happily along

into the great unknown

The great unknown 

46x55 cm

7 500 kr

He’s the wanderer.

She’s the homebody.

Somehow they make it work.



26x35 cm

4 500 kr

Once we were cityfolk,

all jazzed up with places to go.

But we grew weary of that

and found our place in the countryside.

Now we are still jazzed up,

but we don’t need to go anywhere.


80x100 cm

18 000 kr

I this really it?

Is this really life as we know it?

At once solidly grounded and wildly unpredictable?

How do we do it?

Life as we know it

26x35 cm

4 500 kr

forever close

however far apart

still standing still

in the cool embrace

of a midspring moon

Standing still

60x80 cm

11 500 kr

Fast and slick

and in love with themselves

Cruisin' down main street

with the rag-top down

Smokin' and swearin'

and checkin' out skirts

Grown but not grown up

Oh yes, I remember those

summer-in-the-city boys

Summer-in-the-city boys

100x120 cm

25 000 kr

Melba Jenkins’ thoughts

were a jumbled sticky mess

and nothing less

than a glorious

sunset on the river

could take her mind

off her confusion

Sunset on the river

26x35 cm

4 500 kr

this light,this soft morning light

another fresh start

gentle triumph over night

This light

46x55 cm

7 500 kr

There was

no saying no to Sherman.

Anything from a mild warning

to a flat out lockdown

would do nothing but stoke

his rebellious penchant

for showing off.

Showing off

60x80 cm

11 500 kr

Mabel was unsure about herself.

Somebody once told her that

she was not a good person

and she often feared that it might be true.


But today she remembered,

almost as an afterthought

one good deed that she had done. 

And a few minutes later,

she remembered a couple more.


100x120 cm

25 000 kr

Oh the unfairness of it all.

There’s the whole town,

fast and happily asleep.

And then there’s you.

Still awake.

Still awake.

Still awake.

Still awake

80x100 cm

18 000 kr

Joshua always wondered how it would feel to arrive, what you would do when you finally made it to that place at the end of the street.

Today he found out.

You turn the corner and keep on going.

At the end of the street

46x55 cm

7 500 kr

A true friend, plenty of fish in the sea and good conversation on a roof with a view.

On a perfectly perfect summer day such as this, what could be better?

A roof with a view

120 x 140 cm

29 000 kr

Standing there

in all her golden glory

her troubles hidden

within the folds

of a hand-me-down dress

the river queen

patiently waits

for the water to rise

River queen

46x55 cm

7 500 kr

Oh little star

Hold your own hand

stay your brave course

and keep the faith.

The future is waiting

With open arms.

Little Star

46x55 cm

7 500 kr

Van was right.

It is a marvelous night

for a moondance.


60x80 cm

11 500 kr

SERIES: The Blues in Black & White

speak the same words

in different tongues

dream the same dreams

at different times

walk the same earth

on different paths

to each his own

To each his own

46x55 cm

7 500 kr

The day goes so slow, so slow.

Filled with nothing

but never-ending have to’s.

You wonder

Will it never end?


Then suddenly it’s evening

and there’s the sun

hanging low in a glowing sky

You wonder

Where did the time go?


46x55 cm

7 500 kr

#1  26x35 cm      4 500kr

#2  46x55 cm      7 500kr

#3  60x80 cm      11 500kr

Mixed media on paper

Alma has a decision to make.

She's ready.


36x46 cm including frame

3 900 kr

Rain or shine

he needs to be outside

or he will go crazy.

Day or night

she loves to be inside

where she feels safe.

Inside outside -

the same but different.

Inside outside

28x 36 cm including frame

3 500 kr

a quiet place

a happy place

a peaceful place

a summer place

A summer place

(52x76 without frame)

76x92 cm including frame (under glass)

7 500 kr

GRAPHIC PRINTS on plexiglass     30x30cm     1300kr 

The Longest Day


Little Princess

It Was Late 

They Meet

Two Sides To That Story